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Enter a website of Shem ha-Mephorash, the Living Tetragrammaton of the 72-fold Name of God. Each Angelic name contains one of the names of God, wheretofor it is written, "My angel shall go before thee; observe him, for my name is in him."

Our plan is to create a unique experience of the Name by linking up different heavenly and qabalistic words of resonance on each page. Each is a valid domain name owned by the Erelim/Tetragram Project. There is no content or explanations. There is nothing to purchase and nothing is being sold. Each page has its Governor and is comprised of different Holy Words and Angel's names, from many religions and Holy Orders, from the Seven Heavens, 4 Existences, Ancient Tarot, Sepher Sephiroth, Holy Qabalah, Holy Bible, Sepher Yetzirah, and all permutations of the Tetragrammaton, the Holy Ineffable Name of God....all linked together in an endless streaming grid of IAM.

The viewer is asked to click randomly for at least five minutes, with no conscious thought. You are invited to trust in and be guided by your deepest instincts as you click randomly through the Name. Sound or resonate each word you read out loud or in your mind as you click (but not the .com/.net/.org part).

The site is designed to be experienced and re-experienced anew each time you travel through it. Cast aside all attempts to understand what you are doing. Reach out into the Great Void of the Heavenly Lord, of Dharma, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph-Aur; let Divine Will and the Angelic Host guide and embrace you; let the Words and their sounds act like the waters of a cool stream, washing over you. Placed in a thousand search engines the Name will enfuse vitality to the Internet. If thousands more link to this site, the Name will reverberate throughout the World.

This is just a beginning work in progress, but the entire site was initially built in three days. It will take a while to finish, but not long. Currently, there are 160 domains. I have added Pronunciations and Definitions for each Word on every page, the completion of which is an on going process. A bibliography is now available for those who may wish further references and meditation. The Words herein have been selected, registered, and interpreted soley by the site's author; no relationship with or endorsement from any Western Hermetic Mystery School or Religious Order is implied.


Commencing on July 20, 2001 Copyright 2001-2012 The Erelim/Tetragram Project
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